Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Start a new Business or Explode what you Have with SBI

1. WATCH the Super VIDEO that may Change Your Life.

2. The 'SITEBUILDIT' project offers all the tools for Success. Whether you're in Affiliate Programs or have your own Real Estate business.

3. Already have a Website and want to give your business a real big boost this is for you.

4. Better still if you only have an idea for a business but no website yet, perhaps you want to sell second-hand books online, orchina dolls or have a stamp-collecting hobby, SBI can help you.

There are so many tools at our fingertips that I cannot mention half of them. Included in the price you have :

Your own Domain (choose the name you want) and Hosting, plus E-mail Accounts of course

Page Builder with different layouts that best fits your kind of business or HTML editor if you can use it.

A tool that searches the whole world wide web (BRAINSTORMIT) for the best 'content' and keywords that should be included in your pages. Content is what the search engines like and it is what makes their spiders find your pages when people click on words or phrases related to your business. Sitebuildit web pages are listed among the top 3% in search engine results. You do not need the expensive Google Adwords anymore. No advertising is required on your part, WOW, ever.

Your own Traffic Center to create targetted traffic to your site. This is the crux of the whole matter. We all know that without clients all businesses are dead, notwithstanding the good quality of the webpages or product.

There are Payment methods to choose from to install on your sites, etc..

You can 'transform' pages into Blogs to catch subscriber addresses, and have your "own" mailing list

You can publish a newsletter and distribute it to your subscribers, to keep them updated

The VIDEO explains things much better than I. Prepare yourself to be blown away my friend :-)


Site Build It!

Click here for VIDEO

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backlinks for sale
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